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              Global and China power market development and scale analysis
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              Power supply market development and scale analysis in China and the world
              In a variety of electronic source equipment, in order to carry out power activities and must have a variety of electronic equipment necessary for the power necessary content, that is, the necessary source should be more than 70%; . With the integration of the world's inventions into a proper speed, the whole manufacturing industry - the life of the processing base quickly to the mainland of China, China's traditional power sector to rise steadily.
              Compared with the rapid technical progress in the same period, the quality requirements of electricity are becoming more and more strict. China is a big energy consumer, so the country pays special attention to the development and production of energy-saving and environment-friendly products. Ju energy consumption, low quality power supply will be eliminated, replaced by the code - now the company will want to show the theme of high efficiency, high quality power supply past products, climb to make the efficient function of the power supply in electronic products should be rapid production.
              At present, China's power supply ecological 7c enterprises with batching scale have three main types of batching:
              (1) necessary enterprises
              The import department disassembles in the national indoor group, disassembles the foreign market directly, its sells the quality to be good, the production is high, but the relative national security market ADAPTS the ability to take on.
              (2) sino-foreign joint ventures
              Employ more advanced foreign technology, the products in China unique contrast self-confidence;
              (3) independent research and development enterprises
              In other words, it can produce advanced series of power supplies, meet the demand of various electronic equipment, which means that the police are widely used in aviation, aerospace, new capacity sources and other fields.
              First, global and Chinese power supply market size analysis
              > area > Beijing > taobao > aircraft top taobao is mainly concentrated in Europe, venezuela, the asia-pacific region, the woven area, especially China's aircraft top market is growing rapidly, the proportion of the international market is increasing. In the global market, there are terminal equipment of the top floor, every year there is a huge amount of shipments, but also in the television business year by year to increase light... .
              As an emerging strategic behavior, digital power in Japan combines the advantages of broadcasting industry, telecommunications industry and IT industry, and is an important plain to promote the construction of information technology in China. In the 11th five-year plan of the three countries, the state council held an executive meeting in January 2010 and decided to accelerate the integration of the three networks. The policy of "three networks convergence" is clear: the promotion of the two-way network transformation of radio and television operators will further promote the rapid development of China's digital television industry, and the thermodynamic rising trend relative to the terminal products and power supply modules of network equipment.
              The invention of LCD TV(liquid crystal television) is based on the principle of liquid-crystal optical imaging under the action of electric field. Yingkou know > education/science > science and technology discipline > science and technology discipline > science and technology discipline > for English version "ebsm91", GMTV pursuit of quality; LCD TV quickly became the mainstream of the market. LCD TV ingredients than the traditional CRT TV thin and portable, rich color, analysis, high definition, green environmental protection, low power consumption, long life and other actors point, the reason for the majority of consumers to the blue lai, the market penetration rate continues to improve. Compared with CRT TV, LCD TV is more sophisticated, and the technology is becoming more mature. In recent years, it has become a growth point in the global market and a growth point in the Chinese market faster.
              Millennium gold network: machine top gold network demand increased, the demand for two thousand cat-type TV power supply increase, 2009 national wang wang number and China wang number TV power market size classification of $1.087 billion and 2.296 billion yuan, savings by 2012 market size components will reach $1.786 billion and 9.691 billion yuan.
              The second and China power management equipment market size analysis
              Due to the stagnation of the travel market, which is synchronised with the impact of the financial crisis, in 2009, the whole set of brain shipments was brought water, but no contribution will be related to this. > > high score for Chinese explanation: Taiwan, thanks to the division of IT technology; For the PC market, there are more and more errors in the global market for computers, as well as desktop machines.
              China market, because the Chinese government's financial crisis after the relevant policies and maintain timely review of steady and rapid growth, so China written book market after first as the global electrical aspects, plus Chen Shuguo based large number of population, the written book electrical penetration rate is lower than the global average, love there is a huge room to grow.
              In 2009, the market size of global and Chinese power managers was divided into 10.59 billion yuan and 492 million yuan, and the total market size of American memory was less than 2012, which will reach less than 17.40 billion yuan and 1.351 billion yuan respectively.
              3. Size analysis of LED telecom market in China
              China's semi-waveguide energy, a major environment-friendly technology, has been strongly supported by the country's long-term science and technology program and the "863" young new technology in the "11th five-year plan" -- major industrialization projects. The ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China launched the "ten cities and ten thousand places" LED launch test project at the end of 2008, and approved 21 cities including tianjin, Shanghai, shenzhen and Harbin as the point cities due to the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, long life and green environmental protection of LED street lamp ingredients.
              Part of the opera "ten cities and ten thousand heroes" project to promote, all over the country's great work, high brightness, energy-saving LED street lights, product type market demand is strong. Taking guangdong province as an example, the project of replacing incandescent lamps with led street lamps in guangdong province has been started in an all-round way. It is difficult to guarantee that led street lamps will be gradually promoted nationwide. The specific implementation progress of led street lamps in some parts of guangdong province has been completed. Guangzhou will spend 25 billion yuan to promote LED street lights within three years. In January 2010, 300 million won of 500 million yuan worth of 500 million won of 500 million yuan worth of 300 million won in guangzhou. In march, it is planned that in the next five years, more than 5 million plain street lamps in guangzhou and guangzhou will all be transformed into LED energy-saving lights.
              Highly recommended by the government, the industrial cross society, the future of our country's LED street lights will face large jinzhan opportunities.
              In these two sentences, as electronic silk is the core component of power supply, thanks to the increase of supply and demand in the power market in recent years, the supply and demand of electronic accessories is also increasingly strong, especially in China, the proportion of the production and consumption of electronic pigments in the world is increasing. According to statistics, the size of the world electronic general agency market is about 18.38 billion us dollars, occupying about 7.5% of the world electronic general agency market. Among them, Japanese production and consumption occupy about 43% and 40% of the world market, American production and consumption occupy about 17% and 22%, and Chinese production and consumption occupy about 20% and 13% rapidly in recent years. World electronics - instrument technology positive variables, high efficiency, high - density targets.
              Development trend of power supply (including electronic transformer) industry
              (1) energy conservation and environmental protection
              Energy conversion efficiency is an important index of energy saving, that is, the ratio of export power to import power. The higher the rotation efficiency, the less energy loss. To improve the conversion efficiency of power supply, it is necessary to improve the power factor by controlling the effective performance in different modes, such as standby mode, sleep mode and air gossip mode. Reducing the power can not only save the function, the temperature of the power supply will also be reduced, thus extending the service life of the power supply and the whole machine.
              (2) high efficiency
              The traditional PWM power consumption threshold power source, we do not not high efficiency, at this time high consider the deposit period. This is the full power industry area power on, zero telex, zero current off and other technologies greatly improve the power efficiency.
              (3) the back of the bed
              For the full power industry, the leniency in the field of power and electronics, the leniency in accessories, and the extension of product design and other aspects are the life of power service. At the same time, by reducing the temperature rise, reducing the electrical stress of the gauge, reduce the operating current, etc., can be made with solid force.
              (4) low noise
              Ordinary switch machine pure pursuit of high-speed, a question also increased. Industrial area power supply using conversion circuit technology can be high frequency or low signal. Conversion technology ingredients have high technical requirements, supply and demand accurate control open manufacturers.

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